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Crucial Laptop RAM DDR4 4GB 2666

KSh 3,000.00

Memory Type: DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) is the latest standard in RAM technology, providing improved performance and energy efficiency compared to DDR3. This RAM module adheres to the DDR4 specification.

Capacity: The RAM module offers a capacity of 4GB (gigabytes), providing a moderate amount of memory for basic computing tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and light multitasking. While not as high as larger capacity modules, 4GB is suitable for casual users or as a supplementary module in dual-channel configurations.

Speed: The RAM operates at a speed of 2666MHz (megahertz), indicating the rate at which data can be transferred to and from the RAM. While not the highest speed available for DDR4 modules, 2666MHz offers sufficient performance for most computing tasks and ensures smooth system operation

CAS Latency (CL): The CAS latency of this RAM module may vary, representing the number of clock cycles required for the RAM to respond to a command. Lower CAS latency values indicate faster response times and better overall system performance.

Form Factor: The RAM module likely adopts the standard SODIMM (Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module) form factor, which is commonly used in laptops and small form factor computing devices.

Voltage: DDR4 memory typically operates at a standard voltage of 1.2V, contributing to energy efficiency and reduced power consumption compared to earlier DDR generations.

Compatibility: The Crucial Laptop RAM DDR4 4GB 2666 is compatible with laptops that support DDR4 memory. It is essential to verify compatibility with your laptop’s specifications before purchase to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

Installation: Installing the RAM module is a straightforward process. Accessing the memory slots on your laptop, inserting the module correctly, and securing it in place completes the installation. However, it’s recommended to consult your laptop’s user manual or manufacturer’s guidelines for specific instructions.

Warranty: Crucial typically offers a limited lifetime warranty on its memory modules, providing users with confidence in the product’s quality and reliability.


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Crucial Laptop RAM DDR4 4GB 2666
KSh 3,000.00
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